Quotes of the Month: On Fishing and Drink Driving

BBC’s Evan Davis, giving an overview of immigration impact on the British economy:

“If migrants eat 8% of our food, it would be silly to think that in the absence of migrants, the native British would eat 8% more.”

The Guardian’s Andrew Heydon’s review of a dance performance by Lithuanian Lora Juodkaite:

“As far as the British are concerned, Lithuania is virtually interchangeable with Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Estonia – regardless of how offensive, geographically wrong-headed and ignorant that is – right?”

Tim Dowling does more to reveal the common stereotypes of East European migrants than any blog like this could do in years

“Eastern Europeans are sometimes accused of behaving as they would at home on the roads, but Poland has the strictest drink-driving laws in Europe, so perhaps they were just trying to adapt to Scottish custom.”

Tom Hamilton from the Daily Record on what kind of immigrants Scotland needs

“Since the 1950s, more than 800,000 people have left Scotland. With a low birth rate and an ageing population, we desperately need to attract more immigrants to maintain our standards of living.”

Lithuanian migrant worker Tanya Anderson, from Maryport, reveals to Times & Star that:

“The only negative thing was that when I said I was Lithuanian, people thought straight away that I work in the fish factory. We don’t all work in the fish factory.”

3 Responses

9 April, 2008, 9:50 pm, DD said:

My ancestors came over from Lithuania around 1900, I just wanted to welcome you to the UK!

7 May, 2008, 9:38 pm, vitas nagys said:

Being born in this country 41yrs ago with full lithuanian blood,the question always arises,who do you support.
My reply is i am English when i want to be,and i am Lithuanian when i want to be.Depends on who is winning!!!
Friends always ask where is Lithuania,my reply is,do you know where Belgium is? When they reply yes,my answer is go to the High Street,turn left and you can,t miss it!!!
What an enjoyable website this is………

7 May, 2008, 10:28 pm, Lithuanian Jotter said:

Thanks, Vitas, for stopping by and leaving your comments.

I know how you feel about being asked where Lithuania was. But at least your friends know what country they are talking about. I had people asking me, “How do you say hello in Latvian?”

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