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It’s that time of year for Lithuanians in the UK – the celebration of Sekmines. Perhaps one of the main annual events within the community, this get-together traditionally takes place at the Lithuanian Headley Park Country Club ‘Sodyba’ in Sleaford near Bordon, Hampshire.

This long-living tradition of celebrating Sekmines (Pentecost, also called Whitsun) is probably better known among Lithuanians in the UK as the ‘second bank holiday weekend in May’, and provides an excellent chance of reconnecting with our roots, so to speak. If the weather happens to be glorious, the Lithuanian homestead in Hampshire can easily accommodate over 500 guests, enjoying their picnics on its beautiful surroundings.

This year Lithuanians will be gathering at Sodyba on the 25th May, Sunday; festivities start at noon. If you are considering giving this event a go, these are the things to remember:

Even though officially it is a religious festival, the only part that will refer to this will be a short Catholic Mass, held on the grounds of Sodyba earlier in the day. The event is a family-friendly activity.

If you intend on spending the night at Sodyba, advance bookings are essential, as the hotel gets booked up pretty quickly. Alternatively, you put up a tent in a designated area for £10 a night.

If you are not planning on bringing your own food, the on-site pub will highly likely serve some Lithuanian classic dishes, such as cepelinai, balandeliai, saltibarsciai (cold beet soup), and so on. Not only that, but there are normally quite a few Lithuanian retailers who have set up their delicatessen stalls to sell sweets, sausages, breads, cakes and biscuits. Other stalls will offer Lithuanian souvenirs, amber jewellery, books, DVDs, and music records.

Where‘s all the fun? The entertainment for this year‘s event is a mix of Lithuanian folk songs and dances (performed by London‘s Lithuanian Folk Ensemble Saduto and Lithuanian Youth Folk Dance Circle Jonkelis), as well as a performance by Lithuanian country musician Virgis Stakenas.

How to get there: well, by road is rather simple, but if you are travelling by train, get off at Alton or Farnham. A cab drive from either of these stations shouldn‘t be more than £15.

The entry to the event is free, while parking is at £5 per car / per day.


If you are still wondering whether or not this is worth a go, have a look at some of the photos from previous events at Sodyba. Maybe that will change your mind!

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